Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work Life

I've got my annual performance appraisal today... Praying it goes well Inshallah. My supervisor asked me to highlight my accomplishments over the last 6 months... Ummm, yeah, I would if I felt like I had actually accomplished anything (besides finding a husband and improving my Urdu and becoming up-to-date on Pakistani fashion :P).

Mr. F has taken to calling me at work... He sits ten feet away but we try to maintain office decorum and so continue to ignore one another at work but every time he dials my extension and I pick up the phone, the whole office suddenly goes quiet trying to listen in. The uncles (men over 50) are especially interested in the office romance, so much so that the one who sits behind me told his client to call back later so he could enjoy the show... LOL!

Yesterday, I walked in at 9:00 am to find a box of Ferrero rocher on my desk and it made me go "awwwwwww". Lol, I think I'm falling for the guy. Someone also got me an Iqbal calendar and I quote:

Shahadat hai matloob o maqsood o momin
Nah mal-e-ghaneemant, nah kishwar-e-kushaai

Anyone care to translate :) ?


  1. lol...

    it says that for a true momin (true believer), your main aim is martyrdom...
    but not the wealth you loot during a war, or the reputation you build...

    basically he says that if you are fightin for your religion, do it for a divine purpose rather than worldly glory !

  2. thank you so much sami! i'd been googling it for days :P

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  4. lol , uncle asked his customer to call him later ,,, what a curious uncle ,,, must be jokes