Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adults Only

Dear People who stop by this blog,

I have a question of an ummm sensitive nature... Does the idea of being married/in-a-physical-relationship freak you out?

P.S. This is directed to those who generally have zero to limited prior "experience"
P.P.S. Keep it clean :P


  1. it does... specially because it is so hyped up... and there is the whole pressure for that first kiss the first intimate act and all that...

    but you know what... keep it cool be yourself and go with the flow... I THINK... lol :D

  2. you are too cute :)
    just thought i should tell you.

  3. Um, yeah, particularly if you are a guy, your freaking out that your performance level won't be at 'optimal' levels.

    Your worried that the first kiss won't be as amazing as your partner expects (women put more weightage in the first kiss than men)

    Your freaked out how you compare to the other guys she has been with (if she has).

  4. i guess ur relationship is now officially entering the checkered phase marked by outrageously romantic (somewhat filthy) text msgs and 3AM calls...Trust me this is probably a good sign because passionate guys with no prior 'experience' are more likely to engage in this behavior. so no need to freak out cos the dude is probably freaked out himself and probably bluffing his way through this