Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Performance Appraisal

Six months after I started work at a famous Pakistani conglomerate, I got my first performance appraisal. My supervisor closed the door and turned to face me with a somber expression. "I've made girls cry" he says. I look back, deadpan wondering what's coming.

We talked about life, leadership and cats... yes, cats. He basically said, "You're a cat, sitting in front of a mirror... you see a lion, but the people walking behind you see a mouse." Yeah, that was my appraisal :"P. He also said I reminded him of Mother Teresa... :O

Anyway, this whole relationship thing is stressful... I was a such a happy-go-lucky kid, living life for myself, independent, bold, daring... I actually have to start caring about someone else now and how my attitude affects him :P. But he's been chill so far, alhamdulilah... lol.

I wonder if I'd make a good trophy wife with a sugar daddy husband... so shallow... astaghfirullah :P

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