Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love your children, cherish your children, kiss your children

Last week, my cousin's baby daughter passed away after a minor fall. Cousin K and I had plans for our children, we hoped they would grow up to become good friends just as Cousin K and I have always been close despite having grown up in two different continents. She's still got the letters that I used to write and post to Saudi Arabia (this is in the days before yahoo and hotmail) and I've got all of her hand-me-down toys.

Cousin K was always one of those happy, exuberant people... the life of every party; the kind of girl every guy wishes he could date. It's hard to accept that God would put someone through such a difficult test. Praying God gives her patience and brings back her laughter.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fatburger at Dolmen Mall

The burger chefs, waiters and cash counter staff kept chanting "Fatburgers skinny fries! fatburgers skinny fries!". I waited a good ten minutes for my burger to be delivered to my table.

It was a total letdown...

Dry bun, cold meat, store-bought pickle (even McDonalds has a more original pickle!) and too much shredded lettuce. I like my burgers juicy, cheese oozing out, bursting with flavor. I'm definitely not paying Rs. 390 for a Fatburger ever again!

Friday, January 11, 2013

In Sickness and in Health

Too bad Pakistanis don't have wedding vows :-P because a lot (not all) of desi men I know would dump their wives and children at the first sign of illness. Mothers are by nature compassionate and caring. They'll stay up 3 nights in a row watching over a sick child, giving medicine amid bouts of coughing and crying and being thrashed by little arms and legs. Dads are more likely to move to another room so they can sleep in peace :-P

Poor baby M was sick all of last week. He had congestion, a cough and a runny nose and he was wheezing. The doctor told me to nebulize him and put nasal drops in his nostrils thrice a day... Baby M could probably sense what was coming because each time I'd approach him with the dropper, he'd start bawling and trying to get away and I had to physically hold him down, hold his head still and put the drops in his nose... most of the liquid would dribble down his cheeks :-P. Mr. F would them show up as the calm, caring parent and soothe Baby M... poor Mommy :(

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life's Simple Pleasures

can be as unassuming as a vanilla ice cream waffle cone on a cold wintry day. In fact, I'm beaming at random strangers in the elevator...

Life is good AH :)