Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're all going on a Summer Holiday

We're all going on a summer holiday
no more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday,
no more worries for me or you,
for a week or two.

We're going where the sun shines brightly
we're going where the sea is blue.
we've all seen it on the movies,
now let's see if it's true.

Everybody has a summer holiday
doin' things they always wanted to
So we're going on a summer holiday,
to make our dreams come true
for me and you.
for me and you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday

My GRE is tomorrow and I could be better prepared but I'm looking forward to getting over with it. If its in my qismat, I'll hopefully make it to a decent grad school (Inshalah).

Life is pretty good otherwise, Alhamdulilah, and every day, I'm more and more thankful for my wonderful and supportive family. I love you Ammi, Abbu, little bro and baby sis... You're 14 now Mashalah and quite the grown-up little lady. I admire your spirit and your cheerfulness, you always raise my spirits when I'm down and not many people can do that...

Wishing you every happiness now and always... love, Apa

Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's Saturday! Hurrah! I get so tired these days, it's not even funny. Weekends are a blessing :)

So I have a new boss and he's pretty weird. He just goes on and on and on about random things, his voice, his mannerisms and his condescending attitude are seriously beginning to irk me! He has this super-annoying habit of coughing to the side when he's on the phone and he explains every tiny little detail to me like I'm 5 years old! Urrrggghh!

I seriously need to get a new job... I've been doing mostly nothing for the past few months (well, I'm sort of studying for the GRE) but professionally, there isn't much for me to do, especially in Pakistan. It's pretty frustrating at times!

I'm planning to go watch "Meray Brother ki Dulhan" (My Brother's Bride) though I can't understand why they couldn't just call the movie, "Meray Bhai ki Dulhan" :-P

Thursday, September 15, 2011



My brother and sister danced to 'Down' (Baby are you down, down, down, down, down...) at my Mehndi :) Good times!

I'm feeling kinda low these days. Maybe it's the weather, but getting out of bed in the morning and coming to work is a massive effort. I'm not being a very good wife either. I've been having mood swings and poor Mr. F has to suffer. I do feel bad and married life is wonderful, Alhamdulilah but sometimes, I just feel trapped... Wish I could just take a month off and travel (alone or with my fun-loving single friends :-p) and not have to be considerate of anyone else's wishes.

Mr. F's traveling to America and Bulgaria and Rio for work and I'm going to be sad in Karachi... I can't seem to get used to it :-(

I know it's really mean of me to not want my husband to have fun without me.... :(

Advice on how to deal with this?

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Rain in Karachi...

We're almost in the middle of September and the monsoons have descended upon us... Global warming zindabad! When I was young, rains would occur in July/August... September was usually hot and dry with the famous "lu" blowing dust into our eyes. Indeed, times are a-changing :p

I just had a mango ice cream + sprite "float" for lunch and now I have a huge smile on my face :c). The weekend was rather busy... My best friend was back in Karachi after nearly 2 years and we had a grand time catching up and generally re-living the silliness of our years in school together... Mr. F tried to be nice to them but I think they find him slightly intimidating... lol. Actually, that's one of the reasons I married Mr. F! I wanted someone who'd take care of me and protect me from the bullies of the world :p (yes, I always had a secret damsel in distress fantasy)...

There are a lot of things I'm Inshalah looking forward to this month (upcoming trip to Europe... hurrah!!!) but I'll write about them later... don't wanna jinx it :p

Anyway, hope everyone's having a fun Monday!

Monday, September 5, 2011

PIA - Awful People to Fly With

So I'm back in Karachi and in office... I always find it difficult to get out of holiday mode :-p.

So, PIA screwed me over yet again!! I was supposed to leave for Karachi on the 11:00 am flight from Lahore, except, a smaller plane showed up (an Airbus instead of a Boeing 777) and 50 passengers didn't get on the plane... I went back home after having said goodbye and hugged and kissed all my female relatives in Lahore and given candy to the kids :-p... embarrassing!

Mr. F made frantic phone calls to his friends in the airline industry and some kind-hearted and resourceful soul put me on the 10pm flight to Karachi. I'd bought Cinnabon the night before as a present for my sister and they went bad :(

Now I'm one of those who looks forward to airline food :-p... It's a way to distract myself and chase boredom so I'll normally eat whatever is in the little plastic tray... This time there was a sandwich and a slice of cake (gone are the days when they would serve us biryani and a greasy curry and the famous rock-hard pia bun with butter :( ). I ate the sandwich and have been paying for my greed since Sunday in the form of numerous trips to the bathroom and acute nausea... ugh!