Thursday, March 25, 2010

And the days go by...

A couple of days ago, I fainted for the second time in my life... at the tailor's :P. I mean, one minute I'm standing next to my mom explaining the designs I wanted from the Gul Ahmed magazine, the next, I'm crumpled on the floor with our darzi, Dilawar saying, "Baji ko kya ho gaya hai!" (What happened to Gaia?!). My mom dragged me to the car and drove me home where I promptly threw up...

Sorry, I'll skip the gory details but I was pretty sick for a couple of days. On the bright side, I managed to lose 2 lbs with zero effort :). My lovely sister got me flowers and music to cheer me up... Love you sweetheart <3.>

Shaadi shopping is becoming pretty stressful! And I do think it's a huge waste spending thousands on clothes I probably won't wear more than a couple of times... Honestly, Pakistanis obsess way too much over food and weddings :P.

I still don't feel like I'm actually getting married... Even though we get along well, I'm not totally smitten with Mr. F though he seems to be with me... is that weird? Random question... how long does it take for two people in an arranged marriage to fall in love?

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm sitting in a conference room with 2 consultants from China, my German boss and Pakistani colleagues. Patience is wearing thin... we say something, repeat it twice, break down the sentences into simple English (and lose half of what we're trying to say). The consultants talk to one another for a good 10 minutes, then the interpreter translates and everyone's confused :S.

Yesterday, my boss abandoned me for lunch so the responsibility for entertaining our guests fell to me... I ordered Pizza Hut and talked about vacation spots in Shenyang :D. Waisay, we, as a nation learn to need to be more considerate of others' needs. Pakistanis love meat, so we assume everyone else must love it too :P. I'm ordering palak paneer for lunch today...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Coz I'm Weird Like That

Today at work, I was sitting at my desk, when I noticed my bangs had split ends. So, I picked up my work scissors and started trimming them. After about 45 seconds, I happened to look up, only to see my boss standing right behind with a huge smirk on his face...


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tips on How to Increase Love

Since my personal life is officially public, everybody feels obligated to shower me with advice; from aunties who've been married for 26 years to the catering manager of our office cafeteria. Case in point:

Yesterday, after wrapping up work, I walked past Mr. F's office and ran into the catering manager (Gul bhai). I smiled, said "Khuda Hafiz" to Gul Bhai and continued walking towards the elevator with a polite nod to Mr. F who was watching me out of the corner of his eye but pretending to be absorbed with work :P. Gul bhai couldn't help himself and said, "Beta, aap paas ja ke theek se khuda hafiz bolein, iss se muhabbat barhti hai" (Dear, you should go close to him and say good-bye, it increases love). Ummm... LOL! I could have smacked him, but I ignored him and kept walking...

Mr. F found it hugely entertaining :P

Monday, March 8, 2010


Work has been pretty slow... Our Greek consultant celebrated his 66th birthday and we got a chocolate mousse cake from Desserts (yummy! but wayyyyyy too sweet!). He also got me a Fairuz cd :) Old men have a soft corner for me... lol!

I'm getting used to my engagementhood (thanks SH!) but I miss being checked out by potential suitors/aunties (I never thought it would come to this :P. So far, I'm very comfortably removed from reality and hoping I don't have a freak-out session the night before the wedding :P. Poor Mr. F is being really patient but the parents are rather app-re-hen-sive. They wanted the perfect boy for their daughter and the daughter ended up picking a manly man lol... wayyyyy out of their comfort zone. I hope this works out for the best inshalah.

People at work are finally used to the situation but they're still pretty nosy. Is it normal for male colleagues to ask where I'm going for the honeymoon?~! I get embarrassed and try to change the subject but guys just don't get it!

I've been kind of down for the last couple of days... couldn't quite identify what I was feeling and I think it's time for some soul-searching. I like that term... "soul-searching" it's so abstract...

Point is, I'm getting a little scared/nervous/angry/upset and Mr. F seems to be totally comfortable :p Are guys always like that?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Letting Go

You never quite realize how precious someone or something is to you until you no longer have it. I think my dad is having a hard time coming to terms with the idea that his daughter is spending more time talking to a random stranger whom she met just a few months ago than her own family who have cherished and nurtured her all her life.

I hope I'm not being a bad daughter :(