Monday, March 8, 2010


Work has been pretty slow... Our Greek consultant celebrated his 66th birthday and we got a chocolate mousse cake from Desserts (yummy! but wayyyyyy too sweet!). He also got me a Fairuz cd :) Old men have a soft corner for me... lol!

I'm getting used to my engagementhood (thanks SH!) but I miss being checked out by potential suitors/aunties (I never thought it would come to this :P. So far, I'm very comfortably removed from reality and hoping I don't have a freak-out session the night before the wedding :P. Poor Mr. F is being really patient but the parents are rather app-re-hen-sive. They wanted the perfect boy for their daughter and the daughter ended up picking a manly man lol... wayyyyy out of their comfort zone. I hope this works out for the best inshalah.

People at work are finally used to the situation but they're still pretty nosy. Is it normal for male colleagues to ask where I'm going for the honeymoon?~! I get embarrassed and try to change the subject but guys just don't get it!

I've been kind of down for the last couple of days... couldn't quite identify what I was feeling and I think it's time for some soul-searching. I like that term... "soul-searching" it's so abstract...

Point is, I'm getting a little scared/nervous/angry/upset and Mr. F seems to be totally comfortable :p Are guys always like that?


  1. Aww baby... if you ever feel overwhelmed, feel free to drop me a line. As a fellow 'sufferer' hehehe

    The whole world is SO interested in the honeymoon, kasam sey!!! I'm all, how is it any of your business?! :-O

    That's the part of getting married I don't like- your personal life is suddenly a matter of public interest... the price of celebrity ;-) hahaha

    *hugs* and duas!

  2. Lol! Thanks for the words of comfort... I hope you'll continue blogging after the wedding too! I really don't like celebrity status :,(

    Duas to you too!