Thursday, March 21, 2013

We did it! we did it!

These days, our mornings begin with Dora the Explorer, Boots the monkey and Dora's cousin Diego as they go around the world helping people/animals in distress... I've learned about spectacle bears, river dolphins and rainbows and it takes me back 20 odd years when my brother and I would eagerly wait for Saturday mornings so we could watch Ninja Turtles, Manimal and Flash at our grandparents house.

Before satellite tv and cable came along, cartoons were one of the luxuries of toddler life. Thundercats, Pound Puppies and Denver the Last Dinosaur were much loved and eagerly awaited at 7:30 pm on weekdays on STN.

I guess Baby M is lucky to be able to watch a myriad of channels any time he wants... Nickelodeon, Disney, CBeebies etc. but he will miss out on the novelty/excitement about the little things that was so much a part of our childhood.... With all the options now available, it's no wonder that even one year olds are turning into jaded cynics :-O