Monday, July 8, 2013

13 Months

So, some may remember that when I returned to Pakistan in July 2009, I was planning to go to Imperial College, UK for a Masters degree. Life happened, my visa got delayed, I started a new job, met Mr. F, got married and had a baby...

My priorities changed completely... all of a sudden, degrees and career aspirations took a backseat. I continued with work because I enjoyed the daily adult interaction, I enjoyed being financially independent and I was lucky to have family nearby in case of emergencies. I learned to appreciate the routine and predictability of the daily grind after the upheavals of pregnancy and new mommy-hood. When I switched to a part-time role, I used the free time to enjoy my baby... take him to the park, revel in his joy and excitement about everything from a tissue box to a set of teaspoons.

The first time I sat him on one of those automatic rides (the kind where you put in a coin and it starts to move with music), Baby M bawled his eyes out... lol. These days, he's learning to fetch and carry and follow commands, rather like a puppy =)

Potty training has been quite a challenge. It's hit or miss most mornings but the good part he knows what the potty's for :-p. Mashalah, he's been generally good about eating. He loves fruit and has relishes everything from apricots, peaches, guavas and grapes to mangoes, plums and cherries...  

Big changes expected in the coming weeks. I'm rather stressed, harried but hoping things work out for the best Inshalah.

Oh and Ramzan Mubarak!