Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I hit a tree :P

So this morning, I took a nice cooling shower and got ready for work. Then, I made myself a cheese sandwich to munch in the car. My mom had gotten me driving gloves so my hands didn't get sunburned (yes, we're shallow like that :P). So I tried putting them on, slowly coasting along the road while munching my cheese sandwich... Bad idea :P

My hands slipped on the steering wheel, I hit a tree and drove the car up the curb and to top it off, I hit the accelerator instead of the brake and smashed the windshield. Alhamdulillah, I was ok but the car is not :'(

I now have a bruise on my cheekbone... looks like someone punched me :P. Poor Mr. F will get the flack...

Anyway, so this incident got me thinking how it could've been so much worse and how I tend to take so much for granted... So, dear God, please forgive me if I've sounded ungrateful and thank you for everything.