Sunday, April 18, 2010

And it gets more complicated...

Mr. F wants me to visit Lahore and "meet the fam" but it's not "the done thing" in our family. The inevitable clash of cultures follows... sigh.

I'm tired of trying to keep both sides happy and seeing my parents upset makes me want to cry :'(

I need to figure out a way to make friends in Lahore so when I want to get away from the fam (and I will want to take a break every once in a while) I'll have a getaway...

I saw Ali Zafar in concert this past Saturday... he's soooo cute :)


  1. hi
    i am from lahore

    but i dnt get it
    wat cultural clash is there bw abu dhabi nd pak
    nd u r annoying ur fam cuz of love marriage?

  2. :P never mind... i'm from Karachi and the guy's from Lahore... It's an "arranged" marriage, but the guy's family is more liberal and mine's conservative (as in, hanging out alone before marriage ok? not ok? girl visiting boy's house ok? not ok?)

    And I'm trying really hard NOT to annoy my family :)

  3. :) Lol. This is funny actually. Why don't you ALL visit Lahore to meet the family? This would keep both sides happy, no?