Friday, April 23, 2010

Rickshaw Diaries

I used to follow Baraka and then it just made me really sad, so I stopped. She's having a baby!!! :)

*tears of happiness*


  1. Aww, She's had her Baby and its almost a month old, Masha'Allah. Rumi - that's his beautiful name.

    Can you imagine, I discovered MUCH later, a) My mum used to teach her in her O'Levels and she still remembers her!! She was all 'Oh, wasn't her Dad a cardiologist or something and they shifted to the States etc?' and I was all :-O WHOA!!! :-D

    And b) She and I went to the same school, though with a difference of 10 years. To think we've run about in the same grounds and that I just came across her blog totally randomly.... ajeeb, na!

    Er... why I am talking so much? *shuts up*

  2. Wow... small world, no :)?