Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The weather's turned moist in Karachi... warm and sticky :-p.

Our organization recently opened a day-care center :) Each morning you see babies and toddlers dressed up in jackets and mittens holding mommy or daddy's hand and making their way decorously through the entrance up to the elevators.... makes me smile :-)

I'm struggling to complete my financial aid application essays... Hopefully, inshallah the effort will be worth it. Sometimes, I question if going to Princeton, if spending all those hours studying in the library, sacrificing my social life in high school and basically being the "good kid" was really worth it... the notorious kids who did nothing but party through school and college are, in most cases doing as well, if not better than the nerds... :-) Mashalah...

I sometimes feel like I'm letting life pass me by... It's all too easy to sit back and relax than to actually take control and set out to achieve your goals. I miss the twenty-two year old idealistic Gaia bursting with ambition and drive :-(

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