Monday, January 31, 2011

Balancing Loyalties

Since my SIL came to visit, I haven't been able to spend quality time with my own sister... I feel bad :-| Will try to make up for it this weekend iA.

Today was the official launch of our company's new ice cream brand in Karachi. All the employees wore orange and pink and we got free ice cream... :)

Spent the weekend exploring Karachi with SIL... She knew all the hip stores and designers while I felt like a tourist in the city I was born and grew up in!

Mr. F's been feeling antsy since SIL's been sleeping with me while his cousin's sharing the guest room with him... lol


  1. hey you work for olpers :)

  2. why u guys aren't sleeping together. Guest can sleep in living room.

  3. lol, because, Mr. F's cousin (male) decided to visit too so two men and two women and one married couple :)