Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Garmi! Yayyy!

Back in Karachi after a 4-day trip to Lahore! Warmth flooding in... sigh :-)
Lahore was cold! Around 8 degrees C during the day with no heating! Humidity was so high that the socks I'd washed and hung outside to dry on Saturday morning were still sopping wet on Tuesday...

Most of my days were spent wrapped up in a shawl, wearing multiple socks and sweaters (borrowed from my dear sister-in-law and bhabis), clutching tissues to block my sniffly pink runny nose. A lonely gas heater in a large house with concrete walls is rather ineffective in the face of extreme weather... :-P

And why was I not adequately prepared? Having braved winters in New Jersey and London I had the necessary equipment (wool coat, down jacket, scarves, gloves, hats... the works) but Mr. F said I wouldn't need much for four days and he didn't want to wait in line for the luggage so poor poor Gaia showed up in chappals and shalwar kameez and a cotton-knit sweater :-(

Lesson unlearned: place complete trust in husband

In the end, I resorted to cooking halwa as an excuse to stay in front of the stove...


  1. DUDE!!! arent the winters in lahore to DIE for?
    except we sit in front of heaters eating kinnus and dry fruit... sometimes wrapped in kambals... and SOCKS!!! i can wear up to 3 pairs :)

    oh man... lahore <3

  2. You said it: "To die for" :)