Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Great Dinner-Party Weekend

It has finally happened:
Gaia = domestic goddess

Although it felt a little creepy stepping into my mom's shoes, it was actually a fun experience :). We had guests over for dinner on Saturday and again on Sunday with a completely different menu each evening.

Saturday was Thai food (spring rolls, green curry, red curry, fried fish and seafood cutlets with ice cream and brownie for dessert). 100% home-made (ok, ok so the ice cream was store-bought). But, Alhamdulilah, everything turned out great...

Sunday was desi food (chanay, mutton karahi, biryani and kofta with orange trifle and raspberry tart)... Food was ok... biryani rice turned out rather mushy and I guess I'm just not that big a fan of desi cuisine to begin with plus, all the meat makes me emo :-P

Mr. F and I will now be eating left-overs for the next three days

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