Friday, January 28, 2011

Engagement Flashbacks

I'm in the mood for reminiscing today...

My engagement party was rather spur-of-the-moment. Mr. F and I had been talking on the phone for a week (*sigh* I miss those awkward phone calls :)). He was in Lahore and I was in Karachi so I didn't see him at work. Anyway, on Friday evening, his family (mum, sister, cousin, sister-in-law, big brother and step-mom) flew in from Lahore to check me out :-p. I was surprisingly calm and self-assured (later, my mom commented at my composure... she thought I'd given the impression that I was haughty).

My grandmother made the small-talk since my mom was busy in the kitchen. They exchanged pleasantries, ate and decided on Sunday for our formal engagement party. My desire for a small affair was immediately vetoed by all parties... After all, I was the eldest daughter and my parents (and grandparents, and random aunts and uncles and neighbors) had waited a long time to participate in this event and "share in my happiness" (right :-p). Saturday was spent rushing around for clothes... My darzi made my outfit in one evening (and charged double the standard amount) but I was grateful. A close family uncle was in charge of getting a ring for my fiance-to-be (Mr. F's fingers are rather thick so we had to get the ring re-sized). My sister and I went to get our hair done while mom and dad took care of the arrangements. All my aunties (mom's gym buddies and school and college friends) were there to boost my parents' sagging spirits (at that point they weren't really comfortable with Mr. F or his family and were having misgivings... Mommy had spent the last few days crying in her namaz :-p).

I came back from the salon, got ready and waited in my room with a couple of friends. My sister would come to give us regular updates on what was happening: "Apa, they're coming! Apa! his jacket and trousers don't match! Apa! he's got a really nice bouquet for you! lol"

When all the guests were seated, I went to sit on the sofa where Mr. F was already sitting grinning from ear to ear (everyone commented on that :-p). First, I put the ring on his finger. It's funny now but I was mortified then... ready to pass out.. really

I'd never touched a strange guy's hand before, let alone slide a ring on it! So I tried to slip the ring on without skin contact. It sort of worked, except, everyone was hooting.. The video guy wanted me to do it again, "aap un ka haath theek sai pakrain" (hold his hand properly)... in your dreams Mister photographer!... once was embarrassing enough. Mr. F's turn came next. He took my hand in his and slid on the ring and kept holding my hand so the photographer could take proper pictures (supremely awkward, especially when your grandparents are sitting next to you, plus my hand was getting sweaty).

After dinner, Mr. F and his family wanted to take me out for coffee. My parents weren't too happy with the idea but they finally consented if my brother went along as chaperon. We went to Roaster's, I silently sipped my Pina Colada while Mr. F's family tried to make me comfortable. Mr. F was staring intently and I was steadily avoiding his gaze (later, he told me he was really hurt, lol).

The next day, we had to devise a strategy for conduct at work. Until that time, no one at work knew about it except for Mr. F's friend who'd officially brought the proposal.


  1. Lol. It's such a cute story :D
    Glad everything turned out well MA.

  2. loved every bit of what u wrote :d !

  3. enjoyed reading this post, especially " in your dreams Mister photographer!... " :D