Friday, January 28, 2011

Bombay Dreams

Went to see the show last night thanks to dear SIL who managed to get free passes :)
It was pretty decent for Karachi theater, a bit amateurish but enjoyable none-the-less. The soundtrack is by A.R. Rahman but it was all playback music (a far cry from live orchestra at Broadway :-p). Halfway through the play I saw someone who looked a lot like one of my classmates from A'Levels ... During a break, I texted him saying, "Hey, there's someone in the play who looks a lot like you" , he replies, "It is me stupid!" lol!

Since this is Pakistan, the girls were wearing body suits under their blouses and the dances were pretty conservative... All the local celebs were there too including Humayun Saeed, VJ Mahira, Javed Sheikh and a bunch of others who showed up really late and got VIP treatment.

So, for those of you who are in Karachi, it's at Arts Council, 8 pm. Tickets are Rs. 1,000/head on weekdays and Rs. 1,500/head on weekends.

Just now, I feel like eating fresh Dole Pineapple...
I really really really want to go to Turkey this year... and do the Eurotour


  1. We should meet up in Turkey! I want to go, too :) -SH

  2. let's do it! when do you think you'll go?