Friday, April 29, 2011

Shahi Shaadi

is Geo's name for Prince William's marriage to Kate Middleton :-P

I must confess, I'm one of those who eagerly followed the live screening of the royal wedding even though I'm supposed to be working. Kate looked lovely... The dress was simple and chic and I liked how it was totally unostentatious (if that's even a word) and relatively conservative... no deep necklines or bare shoulders for the Princess :)

Prince Harry was wearing too may layers... or it may just have been a bullet-proof jacket under his coat (he looked puffy) but I think he's more of a blazer and khakis kinda guy...

It's interesting how Eastern brides wear bright colors (reds and pinks) while our men are more somber in beige, white and grey and it's totally reversed in the West with the Prince in bright red military attire and the bride in virginal white...

Westminster Abbey is awe-inspiring as always... I think I'd like to renew my vows there if I get a chance (just have to convince Mr. F :p) if inshalah we make it through the next several years without arguing over sofa and curtain fabric :P


  1. Kate's dress was lovely, I love the lace sleeves and the collar. She looked very composed for someone who had to get married with the whole world watching her every move! :-)

  2. Salaam. So you are the one who read me from UAE!!! :)

    Thanks for reading. Hope your mom is not only better but is free of this madness now :)

  3. Actually, I'm in Pakistan at the moment :)