Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun Things to do in Karachi

I'm a Karachiite born and bred. I love the fast-paced city life, the traffic, the chaos, the mishmash of people and cultures but sometimes, I yearn for my life abroad. The peace, the security, the independence, the opportunity to travel and explore...

This month, I plan to be a tourist in my city and here's my list of touristy things to do:
- Visit the Mohatta Palace Museum (been meaning to do this for ages!)
- Walk around the Benazir Bhutto Park
- Go to Frere Hall (I went to see Sadeqain's horses in 8th grade; haven't been back since)
- Slide down the marble slides in Hill Park (haven't done that in 18 years!)
- Visit Mumtaz Mahal at Karachi Zoo (FYI: this is a woman with a wolf's body... enough to give you nightmares if you're around 5 and have a moderately active imagination. My dad used to take me as a kid and she'd ask for bakhsheesh... creepy!)
- Drink Pakola (it's been a while :))
- Shop at Empress Market (never been)
- Visit the Somiani Caves


  1. LMAO.... Slide down marble slides & visit Mumtaz Mahal.
    you are innocent baby girl or maybe funny lady

  2. http://umrooo.wordpress.com/2010/08/07/the-mystery-of-mumtaz-mahal-in-karachi-zoo/