Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To Lahore and back...

I traveled on Air Blue for the first time. It's definitely more organized than PIA but it's like comparing your old college t-shirt (faded and worn, yet, soft and comfortable) with your new formal shirt (stiff and smart but needs to be broken in). The service was slow and the snack wasn't too exciting (and yes, I am one of those people who enjoys PIA food :"P).

Lahore was pleasantly cool when I landed on Friday evening. I think the humidity in Karachi makes it seem warmer than it actually is... we didn't need to use the airconditioner in Lahore but the electricity went every two hours!

Went to Veranda Bistro for dinner. It's a relatively new diner in Gulberg and I ordered spinach ravioli with basil and ricotta but it wasn't anything to write home about... dessert was decent but rather pricey.

Taught my nephew Electricity and Magnetism and surprisingly I remembered 95% of what I'd learned back in school... I guess being the nerd paid off :) (and it actually makes me happy!). We also did Layers of the Earth in Geography and studied some Islamiat (which is now called "Islamic Studies").

Our flight back home was delayed 3 hours! Back at work now and totally don't feel like working :-(

I think I'm ready for a proper vacation...

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  1. I think Air Blue has at least (some) cool lawhori hostess. Aircrafts & service At least better than Aero Asia (chhakra) bedford truck ride.