Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Idealism Lost

Back when I was young, naive and idealistic, I would have done the following:

One seeing a stray kitten with a badly hurt paw mewing piteously, I would clean its wound and take it to the vet or at the very least give it some milk to ease the last few hours of its life in this world...

Now, cynical Gaia simply walks away thinking:

Some other cats will probably attack it and it won't be able to defend itself... it'll probably die anyway... why prolong it's life? Better to let it die quickly and naturally....


  1. yara, dont let the world get to you. you'll only ever have to answer to yourself.
    as someone faaar faaar older than you, i can tell you sticking to your childish notions is worth the fight. it's ok to get down, but it's not ok to stay there.

  2. totally agree with hemlock, "it's ok to get down, but it's not ok to stay there"!