Monday, April 11, 2011

On Babies

My brother-in-law and his wife just had a beautiful baby girl :). Mashalah, she is adorable (they sent us pictures within hours of her birth thanks to digital technology).

Sadly, Mr. F's family doesn't celebrate the birth of daughter... there's no mithai distribution, no gushing praise for the mom, no excited telephone calls to extended family and friends :( When it's a boy, they go all out and exchange lavish gifts and host a large dinner for the baby... It's pretty sad in this day and age especially among the educated classes. I'm not quite sure what it will take to change this mindset but I hope my daughter (if and when I have one inshalah :)) will be welcomed in a way similar to her male counterparts.

Also, MIL dearest mentioned (none too casually) that my nephews and nieces are now hoping for a cousin from their Chachi (Gaia)... How does one respond, politely?


  1. hahahahaha.... GAIA Chachi

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  3. Omg, that's so sad that they don't celebrate birth of daughters.. I mean... who do they marry off their sons to ?? :S .. Woh bhe to kabhi infants theen:(

    Sigh. Khair, you can respond, 'Oh me too... let's see' (every time this is mentioned :D)


  4. congratulations to your BIL & his wife; hey, so this family doesnt celebrate daughters, you can :) you can bantofy mithai on behalf of Mr F. or get him to do it :)

    as for your MIL, tell him it's up to Mr F (pun not intended). let him handle his mom :)