Monday, April 18, 2011


Inshallah, we (Gaia and husband) will soon be moving to a new home. The last nine months in our two-bedroom flat have been memorable :). I'll miss being able to walk to work, come home for lunch and climb three flights of stairs every day.

The neighbors have been absolutely amazing! I'll definitely miss Aunty M (who sends me red velvet cake with cream cheese icing), the chowkidars who guide me when I'm trying to reverse in the parking lot and the multitude of maimed and injured stray cats who keep the area mouse-free...

Soon, we'll pack the knick-knacks into boxes and call in the movers for the heavy items. I'm looking forward to the move though... the apartment always felt like it was more Mr. F's than mine since he'd bought all the furniture and everything was already in place before I moved in... The new place will definitely be more feminine and Gaia-ish :-p

But the move comes at a price... we'll both have to wake up half and hour earlier to get to work on time and reach home half and hour later...

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  1. how you climb 3 floors daily and your paon is bhari