Monday, May 2, 2011

I can hear the tinkle of the wind chimes and the gentle splash of the waterfall... Goldfish swim to the surface for a gulp of air and toads hop around the pond... The tiny pocket-lawn is blooming with flowers, cool sea breeze caresses my face... it's good to be home :-)

We spent most of the weekend shuttling between the old house and the new, moving clothes and furniture, cleaning up and settling in. Inshalah I hope our time spent here is tranquil and barkat-wala :-P (some Urdu words, i just can't substitute :")).

Thanks Mr. F for taking care of everything and making it a smooth transition for both of us.



  1. Goodluck & best wishes in your new place. May allah give you dher saray bachay ! coz i feel you are a good nice girl