Monday, May 2, 2011

Fiasco at the UK Visa Center

So I finally mustered the courage to apply for a UK tourist visa... After several phone calls to the call center, I managed to schedule an appointment for 8:00 am. I prepared all the documents, made copies and booked a car to take me to Fortune Center. I arrived at ten minutes to eight. A few people were already in line and I joined the queue. A lonely security guard manned the counter and we were informed that the staff might be late because of the chaos in the city (there was firing yesterday and the security situation wasn't too great, therefore, public transport wasn't running).

There was nowhere to sit, we remained standing. One lady had brought her child with her... a boy of around 18 (with mental disabilities) who clung to his mother and became increasingly restless as time went by.

The guards were unable to provide any information. We waited for the staff to arrive for almost 45 minutes in the scorching heat before walking away...


  1. The UK!! When will you come?!

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