Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Weekend Goes By...

We have finally shifted to our new house... except, it doesn't quite feel like home yet... We're waiting for curtains, a phone line, cable, internet and new furniture. Hopefully, inshalah, everything will be in place by the end of the week.

It's funny how the absence of technology gives you so much extra time to just focus on each other... On most weekends, Mr. F and I usually are sprawled in front of the tv or on facebook :p. Sans UPS, we even managed a couple of candle-lit dinners :-)

We attended an aunty-dinner on Saturday. This is where aunties dress up and brag about their childrens' accomplishments to the other aunties. The ultimate accomplishment is your kid getting into Karachi Grammar School...
Some aunties paid Rs. 18,000/month on tuitions for the entrance test only to be disappointed when the admissions were announced.

Not having any school-going kids yet, I am usually not able to contribute much to these conversation and so, I look on with a slightly amused, yet interested expression on my face... as if I'm eagerly storing these gems of wisdom for a time when I'll be in these aunties' shoes.


  1. Wow... looks romantic; only 2 people living together + candle lit dinner + sprawling on weekends !