Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When Mr. F and I are out in company, people (usually aunties, at times, uncles too) often ask me what I cook for my husband (*note, people assume that I cook for my husband and that I have a repertoire of recipes under my belt :-P).

I shrug and smile and nod towards the husband and say (quite truthfully) that my husband is a better chef than I am and that we have a cook/housekeeper since we both work full-time. This response is usually met with raised eyebrows and comments about "the way to your husband's heart is through his stomach"



Thankfully, dear Mr. F understands that his wife works the same number of hours that he does and does not expect a five course meal during the weeknights. On weekends, I do try to pamper him and make his favorite dishes/dessert :)

Also, my teenage sister has a school formal this weekend and I need to take her shopping for a modest (non-trashy) yet fun (not old-fashioned) outfit. We've combed all the big stores but I haven't been able to find anything :(

Any suggestions? It has to be in Karachi..

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