Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The other day, I was in queue at the checkout lane in Lulu's Khalidiyah Mall. I only had a few things to get; a carton of Lacnor milk, a Kitkat bar and an Etisalat phone card and the two Arab ladies in front of me had shopping carts piled high with items. I was already running late... the bus was supposed to leave at 8:30 pm sharp and I considered leaving without buying anything (I hate making other people late). My anxiety probably showed on my face because the ladies in front of me turned to me, smiled and offered to let me go through first. I was so relieved! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing there are still good people in the world... :)

My colleague M is getting married in July and she recently went in for chemical peeling. Basically, the dermatologist applies a chemical solution that causes skin to blister and peel- the new skin underneath is soft and smooth but it causes a LOT of burning and pain- Why would any sane woman would put herself through that?! I can't imagine what burn victims have to go through...

When I was in Lahore last December, I went to Depilex. The proprietor, Musarrat Misbah employs women who have been victims of acid and kerosine attacks as salon workers. Most of them have undergone reconstructive surgery thanks to the Smile Again foundation which is funded by Depilex in Pakistan. It's a good source of income and a way to keep them busy especially since they'd have a hard time getting a job anywhere else. I guess it makes sense to provide employment to these women, but, I couldn't help wondering, each time one of these women gives someone a bridal makeover, her heart probably crumbles cursing her fate... Life can be so ironic sometimes.

The situation in Pakistan worsens day by day... I feel guilty sitting in my comfy airconditioned cubicle, drinking chilled bottled water, eating meals containing enough calories to nourish a displaced Pakistani girl for a 




  1. And with the recent bombing in Lahore =/.
    Btw, you have a very interesting blog :D.

  2. it really makes me sad :( (and thanks!)