Saturday, May 9, 2009


Quigley (or Bear) as J liked to call him was our bunny. Ok, so he was J's bunny but we all loved him to bits and baby-sat him on weekends when J was away. J adopted Quigley from an animal shelter after Gutsy died. Gutsy was the first bunny. He died in J's arms when his stomach burst after filling up with too much gas...

In our dorms, we weren't allowed to have pets, but since the fine was only $25 if he was discovered, we decided to risk it. Quigley had a large cage under J's bed (when the bedcover was down, the cage was completely hidden from view). We lined the floor with newspaper so it wouldn't creak when Quigley moved and we attached a pipe to his water container so it would fill up gradually without making a mess.

At night, we'd let him out to frolic and play in the common room while we did homework or watched Ugly Betty or The Bachelor. He'd bounce around and sniff at whatever caught his fancy. He liked chewing up computer cords and if it was cold, he'd curl up into a bread loaf with his ears down flat... When we were sad or stressed, petting Quigley was therapeutic- he was a cuddly bunny :)

Being cozy :)

Quigley liked Frist pizza

Quigley nibbles a green apple- notice his shiny coat :)

Quigley was with us for almost two years. After graduation, he flew to Texas to be with J's parents while the rest of us moved away. My roommate A was visiting last month and we bought Annie's bunny grahams to commemorate :)