Friday, May 8, 2009


So I thought I'd be starting grad school (in Canada) come September and alhamdulilah I did get a couple of acceptances. But now, I'm seriously double-minded. Should I continue here in Abu Dhabi, move back to Pakistan or go to grad school?

Of course, nowhere is perfect but I've finally settled down here, made good friends and I really love my job. The roads in Abu Dhabi are lined with date palms bearing low-hanging fruit; you can simply reach out and pluck a few dates. In Karachi, we have coconut palms in our garden. Our gardener used to climb up and cut down the young green coconuts, then he'd slice off the top and we'd dip straws into it and enjoy the refreshingly cool coconut water :)

But it's tough moving back; everyone's changed and I know I have too. It's hard to smile and nod when girls my age are complaining about how the stylist gave them a bad blow dry, or how Bareeze has hiked up it's prices yet again (Rs. 8000 for a simple suit! what a tragedy) when people are (quite literally) dying all around you. But I also want to spend time with my grandparents, be there for my parents and watch my sister grow up.

Plus, do I really want to go back to class, start over with new roommates, stress over homework assignments and freeze in the winter?

I don't like major life decisions :P

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