Sunday, May 17, 2009

State of Play

This weekend, I met up with my college roommate in Dubai and we watched State of Play starring Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck (<3) and Rachel McAdams (from Mean Girls and The Notebook)

After a leisurely lunch at Japengo's (a cross between Japanese food and Arabic food... go figure :p), we wandered around the mall because that's what we do in the UAE. Express is finally open in Dubai!.  

Around 4:00 pm, my relatives came to pick me up. It was awkward... I see them maybe once a year and we have nothing to talk about...  when I was a kid, my parents took care of family stuff; now I'm expected to be my own person and call and visit people and keep in touch with the extended family. So I made polite small talk with my aunt and cousins until we finally reached Abu Dhabi (huge sigh of relief). My cousin, who was driving took three wrong exits and we ended up near the Petroleum Institute and Al-Raha Beach each time. I felt sorry for him... he'd just returned from Boston the day before and was still jetlagged and slightly out of it. 

We had dinner at Lebanese Flower (Zuhrat Lubnan) but it was impossible to find parking, so my cousin circled around in the car while we feasted inside... The food is great and service, decent but it's not the kind of place you'd take your girl on a date :p

Back to work on Sunday (I'm finally used to Sunday being a working day...!).


  1. go figure :p but it's not the kind of place you'd take your girl on a date :p I am wondering if these are generalised sentences or targeted ones :D...
    Back to work on Sunday Oh I have this friend on a 3 months project in algeria and today I called him online and he replied with a "please don't , I am in a meeting" and later I came to know that it's a working day there....
    I see them maybe once a year and we have nothing to talk about... yaa and it doesn't feel too good either when you know that you knew them as kids but now, its all different and there really isn't anything to talk about :S....

  2. General of course~! who would I be targeting :)? And yes, we have Fridays and Saturdays off... but some unlucky people work on Saturdays with only Friday off...

    It is seriously awkward, specially when I'm sort of representing the family... too much responsibility man!

  3. er...the statement "go figure" with a :P made me think as if you have some friends whom you are teasing , something like that :$..
    Besides, bloggers do write posts at times with a particular friend in mind, something not that uncommon :)....

  4. aah, ok :), well none of my friends from home read this (i hope!)