Friday, May 15, 2009

Interviewing for Grad School

I got an email last week, scheduling a phone interview for 2:20 pm UK time on Friday, May 15th. After going through my application, memorizing my resume and googling phone interview tips (sing a song to warm up your voice and sit in front of a mirror), I sat by my phone waiting for it to ring.
5:20 pm: (Abu Dhabi time): stop singing, turn off air conditioner
5:21 pm: sip water
5:22 pm: gaze outside the window... temporarily blinded by the glare
5:23 pm: maybe the interviewer's out for lunch
5:24 pm: maybe he's stuck in traffic
5:25 pm: check to make sure it's 5:25 pm
5:26 pm: email from interviewer... can't get through
5:27 pm: google: "calling abu dhabi from london" copy and paste number and email back to interviewer
5:28 pm: breathe deeply
5:29 pm: phone rings :D
5:30 pm: say a hurried prayer and pick up phone

Overall, it was ok and only lasted 10 minutes... the interviewer, Prof. TC had a strong British accent and did most of the talking. I'd prepared 4 pages of notes and practiced out loud. I didn't really get a chance to say much, but I did manage to throw in a couple of words about my thesis and research project in simple English (all the nice words, "tangible results, diverse perspectives, evolving field, rewarding work" somehow slipped my mind :P)...

Oh well, wait and see!


  1. where have u applied :)? Masters or PhD?

  2. i applied for a masters... will let you know "if" i get in... (

  3. Hmm...singing to warm up your voice? This is a legitimate technique? I've never heard of it. Sounds good to me, though.

  4. haha, i googled "phone interview tips"