Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Care Package for HiDee

HiDee is the librarian at the institute. She's in her mid-fifties, originally from Iran, but spent most of her life in San Francisco until she moved to Abu Dhabi last year. At 4'10, HiDee is a tiny woman but always full of energy, good cheer and a kind word for everyone. She also happens to be single and lives by herself. 

Last week, HiDee slipped while rushing down the stairs (she's one of those people who "bounces" everywhere). She hit her head as she fell, resulting in deep gashes and bruises all over. Being fiercely independent and committed to her job (besides having noone to take care of her), she refused to take more than a couple of days off and was back at the office on Sunday with bandages around her head. 

In the ladies room, she showed me her legs, bruised black and blue... S came up with the idea of presenting HiDee with a care package, just to show our support. We got bananas, nuts, chocolate, vitamins, knee wraps, soap, a body lotion set, inspirational books, dvds, scented candles, a teddy bear and a heart-shaped cushion and Ilm burned a CD for her, then we put everything in a large wicker basket decorated with tissue paper and pink ribbons. Everyone signed a get well soon card and we presented it to her at lunch time :)

She was sooo happy, her face lit up and everyone got a hug... it made me happy too :)   

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