Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Waisay, it seems like everyone I know is getting married this year... 4 close friends, a very dear family friend and another colleague from work... I'll get to wear all my joras :)

Work's been crazy busy but our feasibility study is FINALLY FINISHED!! Hurrah! Stayed at work past midnight on the final day but of course, dear husband was right there with me so it was "perfectly alright"... The colleagues treat me with more respect now even though most of them are older than me.

Eid this year will inshallah be in Lahore... So, how do Lahoris celebrate Eid?

Random funny story from my last trip to Lahore:
Mr. F's family has a custom. When a new bride enters the husband's home for the first time, the husband is given a black pigeon and the wife get a white dove. Mr. F went first and released his pigeon. It fluttered, flapped its wings and flew up into a tree. Then, I released mine and it flew up into the same tree... I think it symbolizes wedded harmony or something along those lines but I'm not quite sure :S

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