Thursday, September 16, 2010


My boss is leaving... He'll be moving to ADNOC (Abu Dhabi) next week and I'll be the new section head (just kidding :p). Everyone looked wistful when he made the announcement... almost like a prisoner heading for freedom with the other inmates yearning for their chance to walk out :-p

I'm trying to get my act together and apply to graduate programs for next year. The problem is, I'm just *too* lazy... sigh... Plus, I don't want to risk my entire life savings on grad school and then be a penniless housewife dependent on the husband for pin-money...

I've also realized that people will never be happy. When I was single, everyone was on my case to get me married... Now that I'm married, everyone (except a select few) is concerned about my career and further education plans, not to mention babies and other big-people stuff.

Anyway, beware of conjunctivitis... it's going around and I'm seeing lots of people around me with sunglasses... wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and don't rub your eyes too much.


  1. Best of luck with graduate school. And, if I didn't say it before, congratulations on getting married and best of luck for that too :)

  2. there was one story in Aesop fables.. abt how listening to others can screw your journey called life...

    So just follow your frontal lobe...