Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Phone

My husband bought me the new Nokia E5... Most people would be thrilled, excitedly figuring out the new gadget, pressing buttons, clicking pictures with the 5Mp camera but not I. I left my phone in its original packaging for an entire week until Mr. F returned from Colombo, inserted the battery, charged the phone and gave me a phone tutorial. I now have a bugle alarm that goes off at 5:15am every morning (Fajr time), becoming progressively louder until I'm ready to throw something :-P.

My old phone was an 8-year old legacy from my father; a Motorola which we'd received free with our first Mobilink package. It was sturdy and simple... archaic but dependable even though I had to press down the buttons really hard to type a text message.

I guess new relationships are like that... as awful as it sounds, I sometimes find myself prioritizing my new family over my old. In some ways, my parents who raised me so lovingly have now taken a back seat and the new person in my life has taken over my world. I feel guilty and selfish but I hope I am inshalah able to make it up to them some day... maybe when my own kids will become the light of their lives in their old age?

The other day I was talking to another recently-married girl and she said something that struck a chord, "After marriage, you grow up in one night"... In many ways, I was more independent than a lot of other girls even before I got married but for the past year since returning to Pakistan, I'd gotten used to having my meals prepared by my mom, having my sister chatter about her day at school while I lazed around after coming home from work, having dad drop me off to work in the mornings and pick me up after work, having my brother get me chocolate brownies from Pie in the Sky just because I felt like eating something chocolatey....

Now, I make my own breakfast, do the groceries, get my own brownies and am often alone in the evenings when Mr. F has to stay late at work... sigh


  1. Its like that, but doesn't it come with additional perks every now and then? I mean don't you somehow feel 'above the rest', sometime?

    Just curious.