Monday, September 6, 2010

Mr. F got me a desktop frame with a picture of himself for my cubicle :P. My boss is grinning from ear to ear (he thinks we should indulge in PDAs at work... heh).

I am now the office "bhabi" (ewwww, I know!). Although I should gracefully accept the fact, it does bother me that my identity is now derived from my husband's... I am now Mrs. F and no longer Ms. Gaia :-S

Inshallah it'll be our two-month anniversary today :) Problem is, I still don't feel married!! It's more like having a boyfriend/roommate... I asked Mr. F and he said it sounds cooler to say, I'm his girlfriend (as opposed to wife :p...)

Yesterday, I was indulging in a bout of nostalgia, remembering a time when the 6th of September was celebrated as a holiday and my brother and I would watch the parade on tv. Sadly, Pakistanis have precious little to celebrate these days...

This Eid, let us resolve
to send what we can
in the form of eidi to those
who are truly in need of it

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