Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. F :)

So, it was Mr. F's birthday last Saturday. At first I thought about throwing him a surprise birthday party but then, it's Ramadan and everyone's busy with Taraweeh, plus, I realized I don't really know Mr. F's friends all that well yet...

I gave him his presents at Sehri (a shirt, a sweater and our honeymoon photo album). I'm still not sure if he liked them since they didn't evince much of a reaction... (in my family, we get really, really excited over gifts). Later, we both went to work (on a weekend!). I left early to decorate our apartment with flowers. Mr. F walked in shortly before iftar and didn't even notice them!!!

His excuse: "Ali was blocking my view" hmph! (fyi, Ali is the guy who helps me with the cooking and he's 5'4 while Mr. F is around 6'2). Anyway, we had a mini-iftar at home, then I took Mr. F out for dinner (ok, so he drove us there but I paid :P). We went to Fujiyama for sushi (shudder..!.. but Mr. F enjoys it so :)). The wasabi went to my head but I managed to smile through it despite my watery eyes...

I wore the same dress I'd worn at our engagement coz I'm sentimental like that... Again, he didn't even notice!

Came back, ate birthday cake and watched The Ghost Writer (great movie!).


  1. Er, maybe he's just not that into you...

  2. BUT... each time I wear something weird/get a pimple he ALWAYS notices :P

  3. Aw, chalo atleast he notices something! He sound likee one of those many guys who dont express their emotions too well and dont notice such things. you might need to tell him how you feel before you get really annoyed by this behaviour!