Monday, February 15, 2010

The Story

So I sit approximately 10 feet away from the guy who is now my fiance. I have a tiny cubicle with a swivel chair and he has a nice little corner room with 3 chairs (2 extra for visitors). Several times a day, I pass by him to collect printouts, get water, meet with my supervisor, pray, go down to the cafeteria for lunch... and I totally ignore him :p I think he's super-frustrated but being very kind and patient with me... haha.

Being somewhat traditional ( and confused?), my parents do not allow us to meet unchaperoned (the chaperons are my parents or baby sister :))... LOL. We've both studied abroad and lived independently but, as my mom says, "log kya kahein ge?" (what will people say?!) Hai! :O. So it's an interesting situation... Even though we're trying to be totally normal about it, EVERYONE ELSE THINKS ITS A SOAP OPERA... lol. Like, in our weekly Monday morning meeting, everyone sat so that the two chairs right in the center of the table were left unoccupied so we had no choice but to sit next to one another... Now if I were on the other side (watching two other office colleagues going through it), I'd probably giggle and gossip like the others... but, I'm the one being gossiped about and giggled at behind her back :s... I hate being talked about :P

Pluses of being engaged... someone to say sweet things to you and get you flowers... LOL. Minuses... not being able to sleep at night because someone likes to call at odd times.

Also, everyone else is more excited about what they're going to wear at the mehndi and shaadi than the wedding itself... Why are we Pakistanis so superficial :P?


  1. Interesting. I hate my workplace now :P

  2. OMG, I wish every single day we both worked at the same place- okay, same building but different companies ;-) ToO much of a good thing, LoL.

    But he works half a world away and we never get to talk! :-(

  3. Lol! be careful what you wish for... it's pretty funny (for everyone else)