Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lost in Translation

I don't speak a word of Punjabi and the elders in my fiance's family speak only Punjabi and they speak really fast. So during my conversations with his family, I use "jee" (yes) a lot. I thought his aunt was asking about my brother's wife and I was quick to respond that my brother isn't married... Turns out she was asking me how I'm liking work these days :p.

All the Punjabi I know, I picked up from Bollywood and Sukhbir... think it'll work for the in-laws :) ?

Anyway, so I've officially started "wedding shopping". This basically means purchasing an entire trousseau so I'll never have to go shopping for clothes again :p. I tried in vain to explain to my mom that I'll buy clothes when the need arises but she just responded with a "look". So I now have everything from chiffons and silk to lace and jamavar... I hope I don't sound ungrateful but I do think it's a waste... and who knows, we might all be wearing polymers ten years down the line... I also have a saree from my mom's trousseau which she never got a chance to wear :S.

I'm also thinking of starting a "SAY NO TO GOLD" campaign... unless you've got loads and loads of spare cash lying around or happen to be marrying him.

So dears, please pray that this works out for us inshalah... Aunties love creeping me out with a load of negative comments. Oh and feel free to offer advice, okthanxbye!


  1. i cant say much about Punjabis but i sure pray you keep sanity in you and sail through it hail and hearty :)

  2. Aaaaa, don't let aunties creep you out- they all try to do that!

    Wish you the best, Gaia! xx