Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ana Mashghoolah Jiddan!

I used to wonder why my friends suddenly dropped off the face of the earth once they got engaged/married... I can sort of relate now :p. Still, I'm trying to maintain that balance in my life and spend time with my family and friends so they don't feel alienated because of the new "guy" but my baby sister gets upset because I lock my door when I'm on the phone... :(

I get freak attacks every now and then... I mean, I am alhamdulilah very very content with my life and I don't know if I'm ready for the upheaval that's sure to follow the *ahem* wedding. I love my privacy, I'm obsessive compulsive about cleanliness and call me spoiled but I really really don't like sharing :p. Like, after a friend borrows a brush, I won't use it until I've washed it with warm soapy water and if someone drinks from my glass, I won't finish what's in it... yeah, I'm weird like that.

I'm also gaining weight with all the eating out these days... :s
Goal weight: 120 lbs by June inshallah
Action: walking? hopefully...

P.S. How do you justify spending a lakh on a wedding dress when you could feed 10,000 hungry people with that kind of money?


  1. your goal is to increase weight? :o

  2. LOL! No... reduce down to 120... by June, doable, methinks

  3. No :S:S.. its not justifiable :(

    And good luck :)