Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ummm, yes. It happened really suddenly but it's been exactly a month and a day since the "baat pakki" so it's slowly starting to sink in. I have decided to sign my life over to this dude who also happened to be one of my bosses (B2 from Lahore to be precise) :p. What is it about good girls falling for bad boys?

Ana... nerd kabeera jiddan, jiddan, introvert, reads 19th century English fiction (Austen novels and Barbara Cartland), has NEVER dated

Hua... ex-gangster, extrovert, listens to ghazals and speaks Punjabi, "well-seasoned"

I can't complain life isn't interesting :P


  1. lol... thanks :) story to follow soon...

  2. hey congrats :)..
    And that explains long absence I suppose...
    good luck with future ;)

  3. HA! knew it. why else would you not update in so long.
    <3 love is in the air! <3

    :D g' luck kid :)

  4. ex-gangster? details!

  5. hahaha... LOL, thanks guys... and yes Sonya, he used to beat up the other gang in school :S

  6. OMG, I don't speak Punjabi, werna I embody all the cool things in your guy hahahaha.

    Things are interesting ;-) Wish you well!