Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Ramble

So I didn't go to the Red Bull Air Race at the Corniche. I guess it's something my dad would've enjoyed but I decided it's not really my thing. Instead, I met up with an old high school friend at the Mugg&Bean in Abu Dhabi Mall. I love that we can pick up exactly where we left off a year ago and bypass all the awkwardness. It suddenly hit me... my friends are all over the world! From our original class of 25 people in grade 10, only seven are still living in Pakistan.

On the positive side of being an adult and living independently, I actually have time to indulge myself (slather honey on my face and wash it off after 10 minutes... lovely :)) and catch up on reading- something I neglected during four years of college where the only books I read were those required for class. I miss being able to go to the library, browsing the shelves and taking out books for the weekend. I wish there was a proper, well-stocked library in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. The library at the Cultural Foundation is mediocre and most of the books are in Arabic :(

My contract ends in June and I still haven't figured out where I'm going to be afterwards. I could continue here in Abu Dhabi but I can't say I've grown to love it the way I love Karachi (my hometown) or Princeton (my college town). Still waiting to hear back from a couple of places... pray for the best (inshalah).

P.S. If you're craving good Italian pizza/pasta go to IL FORNO in Abu Dhabi Mall (with an outdoor seating area)... It's simply awesome!


  1. I guess it all depends on what part of Karachi. I was born in Maripur and last time I visited in 2007 I don't miss it much. I actually miss Punjab more.

    Minty Fresh Punjabi from SLC

  2. Salam Minty Fresh Punjabi! Punjabis do tend to miss Punjab... it's in their blood :) (and it's beautiful!)
    Karachi may be a hole but I still love it...

  3. u kiddin me?

    dubai/abu dhabi dont have a decent library ?

  4. @ AS... nope, they have the biggest malls in the world; a library is sadly lacking :(

  5. Didn't know that the state of libraries was that bad -- Dubai suddenly doesn't seem like a very attractive place to live anymore :-)