Saturday, April 11, 2009

American University of Sharjah

The American University of Sharjah is the leading educational institution in the UAE. I and my friend Ilm, an AUS alum, drove from Abu Dhabi to Sharjah to visit the campus on Global Day (similar to the International Festival).

The campus is gorgeous- palm trees line the driveway bordered by carefully manicured lawns. Deep purple and magenta petunias bloom in bright, colorful masses.

The campus architecture is a striking blend of classic Islamic motifs and modern building techniques incorporating domes and symmetrical arches.

The student body is very diverse, yet well-integrated.

The library was modern and well-stocked.

The Moroccan Club kicked off the evening with rousing Moroccan music, the crowd joined in, clapping and grooving to the beat.

The kids from Sudan were soooo cute!

The lady in the Somalian tent looked like she meant business...

The Kazakhstan costumes were impressive- prior to this, all I knew about Kazakhstan, I learnt from Borat :P

The lovely lady at the Pakistani tent... the boys danced to "Josh naal pau bhangra" but the picture came out blurry.

The Emirati tent was easily the largest...

A Filipino lady was selling Dunkin Donuts at the Emirati stall... the original Bedouins must be turning in their graves...

A Saudi man sold hand-crafted shoes...

The happy camels :)

The Iraqi stall was decorated in mosaic.


She posed for us :)

The AUS minaret...

I heart Kuwait!


  1. Very nice collection... cool!

  2. It was a bit pathetic haha. The Pakistani stall looked lika dollhouse in front of the others.