Monday, April 13, 2009

Abu Dhabian Tailors

M is getting married in June and wants to wear a traditional Indian/Pakistani lengha for her Henna ceremony (like our Mehndi ceremony minus the bollywood dances). After selecting a beautiful gold and pink outfit, we went to get it tailored. A lady at work had the given us the addresses of some tailors located in the Khalidiyah area along with some vague directions. After much asking around, we finally found the place.

The sign outside said "Ameerose Tailors" and I told M that didn't sound vaguely Indian/Pakistani. We rang the doorbell and waited. A tall Filipino person opened the door... We couldn't figure out if it was a man or a woman- long, lustrous locks blow-dried straight, perfectly arched eyebrows and a smooth face greeted us- I'm pretty sure he also had breast implants. We went inside and another person joined us. He was shorter but wore high heels. He told us that they start at AED 5000 to tailor a simple wedding gown (which explains why all the other women were local Emiratis).

Somehow, I thought Abu Dhabi would be the last place where I'd find queer tailors...


  1. Lolz!!

    He was a 'tall' Filipino; didn't that tip you off?

  2. @misspecs: actually, no! i guess i was still recovering from the surprise...
    @Mishi: well, he was fully figured... like a woman :)