Saturday, April 25, 2009

Six Degrees of Separation

Truly, our world is shrinking. This past weekend, I met a person from New Delhi who went to college in Texas with one of my close friends from high school. The same evening, one of my co-workers from Palestine met a friend who was with him in elementary school and it turned out that the same person was at college with me and we'd taken six classes together! 

It was great catching up, chatting about mutual friends and comparing our experiences in Abu Dhabi since graduation. My friend works for a major consulting firm, travels four days a week and spends weekends in Abu Dhabi. His belongings are stored in hotel locker rooms in four cities (Beirut, Damam, Dubai and Abu Dhabi), he routinely stays at work until midnight, carries two cellphones and a blackberry and eats out every day with a regular meal costing around $100. He seemed tired, a little stressed out, but happy. However, I think I made the right decision when I chose a relatively balanced lifestyle over a stint at a consulting firm last year- consulting isn't for everyone and there are major sacrifices involved.

Our time at college was a transformational experience and I get a warm and fuzzy feeling, knowing that the bonds established in classrooms, hallways, dining halls and idyllic spots around campus and through shared values of integrity, honor, respect and trust have withstood the test of time and distance. 

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