Friday, April 17, 2009

Ana Confused Jiddan

Does living at high speed slow down the relentless march of time?

Every day is busy, but every day is pretty much the same... I wake up, go to work, work, have lunch, work some more, come home, have dinner and sleep and see more or less the same people every day. I guess that's what makes time "fly". As a child, each experience was unique, there were many firsts and each day brought new promise. College was still a time for self-discovery, for experiencing many firsts. But the older I get, the gap between new experiences gets longer. I have a routine, a job and more responsibilities (which I'm thankful for). But I find myself actively making an effort to break out of my comfort zone, trying new things, going on exotic holidays, meeting different kinds of people, tasting new foods.

I feel the clock ticking and I know I can't do everything. I have too many conflicting priorities...

Latest discovery... Anime =)


  1. a) i always lose your blog and you dont leave links :/
    b) welcome to the grey world of grownups :) it SUCKS!!! i should know.

  2. umm.. this will sound a bit geeky but i was studying impacts of growing up and sort of living up to stupid ages, and one study actually proved that as you grow older time flies...

    which is sort of why you see real old people just sit in a seat for hours doing nothing and you wonder how they never get bored!

  3. Hi Hemlock! I love your blog :) and sometimes, I really wish I could rewind to four years ago...

    @Abdul Sami, I'm the biggest geek ever =) I followed Michio Kaki's Lifetime series... :P