Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Laddoos

My gora (white) American friend, let's call him Johnny, made laddoos for his Indian girlfriend from scratch! wrapped them in gold foil, decorated them with roses and gave them to her for Valentines' Day! She said they reminded her of her mother and started crying... awww... sniff! 

If you've never made laddoos, let me tell you, it's ain't easy! The mixture has to be just the right consistency so it can be compacted into nice, firm balls and chopping the nuts that go into the mixture takes forever. But it's totally worth the effort =)


Why can't desi guys be that original/creative?


  1. desi guys do it yaar...

    gosh !

    why can't desi girls be appreciative....

    lol... j/k ! ;)