Friday, February 6, 2009

Freedom of Anonymity

I love the freedom that comes with anonymity; the freedom of being in a place where I know noone and noone knows me. Today, at the Corniche, I experienced that freedom.

It was practically deserted since it's winter time and a little chilly outside, but I could hear the waves pounding the rocks and the muted sounds of traffic on the road. I walked past the playground... the red swings beckoned invitingly. After a quick, furtive glance to make sure noone was watching, I lowered myself onto the swing, praying the chains wouldn't collapse under my weight... thankfully, nothing happened so I settled in and pushed off.

For twenty minutes, I swung to and fro in blissful solitude, feeling the wind on my face, reliving my childhood. Then, a garbage collector passed by, wheeling the clanking bins and my peace was broken.

Sometimes I really wish I could be seven years old again...


  1. anonymity ... its great

    i think the biggest joy in holidays is also the fact that one is sort of anonymous in that new place... and has the 'tourists license' to act as they please !

  2. Anonymity is such a bliss sometimes, I so agree with you on that.. :)

  3. @ Abdul Sami, you're absolutely right and you've been lucky enough to travel to exotic spots :) i'd like to visit Eastern Europe next!